Bound in Blood

Here you can follow our new mini series, Bound in Blood. This  is a story about a family known as the Gradys. See outtakes, pictures from behind the scenes, production notes, the cast members  and much more!  
Episode three will air this summer 2017 on Six Guns Entertainment's Face Book page
or you can see it here on our videos page.

Bound in Blood intro.

Bound in Blood Episode 1 trailer

Bound in Blood Episode 1

Bound in Blood Episode 2 Trailer
Episode 2 coming soon!

 Bound in Blood Episode 2

Bound In Blood Episode 3 Trailer

Episode 3 coming soon! Summer 2017

 The Grady Family
From left to right:
Alice, Chad, Mark, Levi, John
Ma Grady seated.

David Huff as Chad Grady taking a break in between scenes.
David is the writer, director and producer of Bound in Blood.

On set of Episode 2
Jail House Pizza

Bound in Blood Episode 3
Brad Leuenberger stars as Brent Jackson
Brad makes his debut in episode 3 and is far from a nice guy in this episode.Brad is also the makeup and special effects artist for the show.

The Deputies of Bound in Blood Episode 3

Michael Sondergeld as James "Stony" Linders

Jason Hayes as Adam Breen
Dean Stout as Albert Holmestead
Michael Jessie as Frank Laramore
Phineas as J.W. Riggs

Creator, Writer and Director of Bound in Blood, David Huff (left) goes over the scene with Loretta Franke who plays Carson Young.
Assistant Director Jamie Eiler (right)

Loretta Franke playing Carson Young preparing to do her scene. This was a great barn to film in!

Virginia Huff plays Jessie Holmestead in Bound in Blood Episode 3
She makes her debut in this episode and did an amazing job!
Virginia is the daughter of the Director, David Huff. In Bound in Blood she plays the Sheriff, Albert Holmestead's daughter.

Dean Stout plays Sheriff Albert Holmestead. Dean is a strong lead in this series and dominates every scene he is in!

Jenny Steinbach plays Rebecca Grady in the series and is getting her makeup done before her scene. Jenny co-directs in this episode  and wrote the scene she is getting prepared for here. Jenny is also the director of photography on several scenes in Blood in Blood Episode 3 as well as Bound in Blood Episodes 1 and 2. Jenny has also been the script consultant along with Jamie Eiler on all three episodes. Jenny delivers a powerful performance in Episode 3 and she is the fiance of Director David Huff

Jenny in full makeup and in character prepares to do her scene. Her scene was heart wrenching and something to behold! Her performance was Oscar winning!

Jordan Ward makes her debut in  Episode 3 as Alley McGraw.
Jordan is a Model and fit her role perfectly.

Charles Raymond makes his debut in  Episode 3 as Phil Longmire. Charles runs the Spartan races in  his spare time and works at Haunts during Halloween scaring folks but he's far from scary in real life, he is a super nice guy!

Jason Hayes plays Deputy Adam Breen in Episode 3. Jason is a strong lead and commands the scenes he is in. Jason will be appearing in Episode 4 and is well on his way as a lead actor in the series.

More pics coming soon!